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BramblexViolet 2 - Neon Fluff [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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BramblexViolet 2 [Oct. 30th, 2012|09:35 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |Lost Woods - Ephixa]

A human female called from her inclosed back yard. I jumped to my feet, and cast Bramble a fleeting glance. Returning my look, he shot away into the thickening forward without a word. I, of course, was used to the tom's behavior towards the humans by now. Turning around, I nimbly jumped through the thick bushes that barred the forest from my human's house.
With an elated mew, I pranced playfully towards the young girl standing on the porch, propping the white frame of the screen door. Her lips were parted as she bared her teeth, but I have learned that this was a positive gesture in humans, and in return I raised my tail in greeting. Bounding down into the unusually trim, green grass. Padding over to her leg, I rubbed my cheek against her. The girl chattered her pleasure and leaned down to stroke my back. Purring, I allowed her to grasp me and hold me in her arms affectionately. As she did so, the prick of watchful eyes burned my pelt and raised my hackles. Stifling a perplexed meow, I allowed the female to carry me inside.
Curled up in the warm fabric of a plush cat bed, I was rudely awakened by the rap of paws on window glass. Ears rammed forward, I curiously trotted to the window and perched myself on the pane.
A pair of green-gray eyes stared back at me, although the cat they belonged to was spattered in blood.
It was Bramble, and he was in trouble.