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What. o3o [Nov. 12th, 2012|02:57 pm]
[Current Music |GlitchXCity - Colress battle]

Abandoning the BrambleXViolet thing because I am too busy. ewe Not that anyone was reading it anyways..were they?!
I was given Black2 a couple weeks ago (long beaten...heh. At least you can battle him every day) and have completely fallen in love (metaphorically...I think....) with who I think is the best human character Pokemon has had to offer since Gary Oak: COLRESS!
Everything about him is perfect to me. Sparing his English dub voice, but hopefully I'll get used to it.
I plan on collecting him alongside Mewtwo, and am probably going to snag one of those Plasma Powered Decks as soon as possible. Somehow I have already intertwined him in my writing and art...ask my math notebook. P: (I need to add him to Berserk Gene)
I have also moved back to North Carolina, so he will be the first collection I start down here. Yay!
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BramblexViolet 2 [Oct. 30th, 2012|09:35 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |Lost Woods - Ephixa]

A human female called from her inclosed back yard. I jumped to my feet, and cast Bramble a fleeting glance. Returning my look, he shot away into the thickening forward without a word. I, of course, was used to the tom's behavior towards the humans by now. Turning around, I nimbly jumped through the thick bushes that barred the forest from my human's house.
With an elated mew, I pranced playfully towards the young girl standing on the porch, propping the white frame of the screen door. Her lips were parted as she bared her teeth, but I have learned that this was a positive gesture in humans, and in return I raised my tail in greeting. Bounding down into the unusually trim, green grass. Padding over to her leg, I rubbed my cheek against her. The girl chattered her pleasure and leaned down to stroke my back. Purring, I allowed her to grasp me and hold me in her arms affectionately. As she did so, the prick of watchful eyes burned my pelt and raised my hackles. Stifling a perplexed meow, I allowed the female to carry me inside.
Curled up in the warm fabric of a plush cat bed, I was rudely awakened by the rap of paws on window glass. Ears rammed forward, I curiously trotted to the window and perched myself on the pane.
A pair of green-gray eyes stared back at me, although the cat they belonged to was spattered in blood.
It was Bramble, and he was in trouble.
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I feel like writing... [Oct. 29th, 2012|07:28 pm]
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[Current Mood |artisticartistic]
[Current Music |What Hurts the Most]

...so write I shall!

I stalked through the thorny brush, my unusually fluffy tail trailing behind me. Every so often poofs of snowy white fur would be caught and violently ripped away, but I ignored the sharp twinges. Ears plastered forwards, I pressed my stomach against the dewy grass and eyed my prey: a large, juicy squirrel with peculiar green-gray eyes.
With the mightiest yowl I could muster, I pounced and tackled my best friend, Bramble. Startled, he threw me off his back, and between my claws were only remnants of his sooty fur. "Violet!" he spat as I wriggled from his grasp. Weaving between his paws and tripping him, sending the young tom flying backwards. Planting my calico paws on his chest, I huffed in his face.
"Caught'cha, Bramble!" I mewed, now sitting comfortably on his furry chest.
"Hey, Violent!" he panted, chest heaving. "What do you eat, Violent?" he asked, rolling over and sending my fluffy frame into the grass, belly-up. I bared my teeth in mock irritation, and a shy smile cracked Bramble's white muzzle. Mission accomplished, I thought, happily twitching my tail tip. As Bramble settled next to me, I twitched my ear in his direction and pretended not to be paying attention, but underneath my mask my heart seemed to flutter.

I dunno if I'll continue this...I like it so far though. :D Violet is my cat-sona. Bramble represents someone I used to know.
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